This is a review of "All My Journeys" recorded by Noonakai. The review was written by Thom Baseley in 2006.

All My Journeys, the second single from Leeds based artist Irfan Shah under the name Noonakai is a beautiful, trippy and haunting song which I can honestly say left the hairs on my neck stand on end from the first listen. The soulful passionate lyrics such as "You are my here and now, you are a saving grace" through the soulful delivery of singer Karen Pirie perfectly suit the laidback groove of the track. There's a lovely moment when the violins Kick in on the third verse, which really adds another dimension to the track.

B-Side Escape to is a more standard instrumental trip hop track, with obvious influence from Air, Zero Seven, and Private press-era DJ Shadow. This track is still very strong and shows great potential for a future album.

One thought that hit me whilst listening to this single is how amazing it would be to hear live in somewhere like The Wardrobe or HiFi Club - a possible future move for Noonakai?

All in all a perfect soundtrack to a long hot summers day.