This article was published in 2006.

Leeds’ only music video competition is back for another year! 20/20/02 Vision 2007 will launch on Halloween (31st October) at Leeds’ Faversham venue with performances from the bands from 2006: Jinzena, Mishkin, Sarantis and Hiyashi.

The event will feature a filmmakers’ network in the Faversham conservatory with industry gurus on hand to lend advice to new filmmaking talent.

The night will also include a demo hour when one lucky band or Leeds musician will get automatic entry into 2007 20/20/02 Vision ahead of the applications. The first 15 demos received will be played, and after an audience vote, the first confirmed applicant for 2007 will be announced!

With support from Channel 4, the BBC and Mean Fiddler the possibilities are endless. Any bands or filmmakers interested in taking part please email for more information, or drop your demo in to:

11 Patrick Studios
St Mary's Lane

You must drop your demo in on Monday (23rd October), and remember, first come first served.