This is a review of "Untitled" recorded by Pray For Hayden. The review was written by Harry Johns in 2006.

For some reason I always thought Pray For Hayden were a metal band. They’ve been about in Leeds for a while and I always see obvious student types wearing their t-shirts.

Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised when I found out their pretty post-hardcore. Reading their biography, it seems the band could easily be pigeonholed with the ilk they’ve supported over the years, including thisGirl, People in Planes and ¡Forward, Russia!, because they sound very British, very poppy but with that edge you find with the crop of bands that all grew up listening to Kids Near Water and Sensefield.

Most of the time it’s all edging precariously towards Drive Thru Records world, but the singer’s voice saves the band from mediocrity with a yelp reminiscent of the guy from Pilot to Gunner. So yeah, it’s a cool demo. I find it hard to believe Pray For Hayden will outgrow their own scene considering all the bands of this genre died out about two years ago, but for everyone mourning the loss of Hell Is For Heroes’ and Hundred Reasons‘ heydays, this could be for you.

First song sounds a bit like Taking Back Sunday though.