This is a review of "The Debut EP" recorded by Lemons and Limes. The review was written by Chris Woolford in 2006.

Lemons and Limes, a new signing to Leeds-based GrooveStealer Records, get off to a great start on The Debut EP with opener Split Ends.

Bluesy, fuzzy, guitars and stripped down drums thrash around together like Hendrix jamming with the White Stripes. The constant driving riff (duh, duh, deda deda deda) rattles against your brain until your can’t take anymore. Boom Boom Boom! Dance Dance Dance! Top stuff.

And follower I Want (Never Gets) would probably have the same effect on me if its main riff and melody weren’t almost identical to its predecessor. Unfortunately Lemons and Limes have gone from uber-cool funk rockers to one trick ponies in just one foul move. And now I’m a bit bored. Give me something new!

Thankfully they do when all is redeemed by Daylight Robbery chugging into my ears. Sounding like a scuzzed out version of an American retro car chase soundtrack its psychedelic poundings develop into a schizophrenic rage of a tune. It gets faster and faster, quieter and quieter, faster and faster, before lurching through your stereo and shooting past your ears like a throttling run away train.

Great start. Great end. Just a shame about the middle. That said, if Daniel Hill and Aimee Robinson (Lemon and Limes) are as young as they look on their publicity shots, whatever they do next should be pretty exciting indeed.