This is a review of "Beat of Blue" recorded by Last Gang. The review was written by Maria Pinto-Fernandes in 2006.

‘Beat of Blue’ begins in earnest with a hardcore thrashing guitar introduction, but then it all turns out a bit light-hearted. In this day and age of macho indie pricks, I’m not sure if this is good or bad...

‘You’re goin’ home in the back of a police van’ summing up the end of most nights out nowadays in Leeds amongst layered vocals and many a guitar. All in all, ‘Beat of Blue’ isn’t a bad effort on Last Gang’s part; although I can’t help but feeling a little cheated.

One would hope that the b-side ‘Never be Alone’ would be more promising but alas, it is too similar to the a-side. The lyrics are pretty weak too ‘She said we’d never be alone’ obviously about the break-up of a relationship.

Sorry Last Gang, I do have faith in you, it’s just you didn’t showcase your undoubted talent on this single, for me.