This is an archive of the band profile for Working With Kenzi.

Working With Kenzi formed in 2004 in a moment of boredom-induced bedroom songwriting. Long-time friends Emily and Fliss, tired of writing parodies of songs they hated, set about writing a more serious tune. It was called 'Epilogue', it was rubbish, so they scrapped it, recruited guitarist 'Tocy' and drummer Kirstin, and set about composing an entire new set of songs.

This new movement took a wide range of influence from the individual band members. Their sound is diverse: one minute, beautiful, melodic piano work is complemented by dark, booming bass, plodding drum beats and fragile vocals. The next, their music takes a more upbeat stance, with vibrant vocals, driving rhythms and choppy guitars. Its a sound that evolves from second to second throughout each song, and one distinctly the bands own. Comparisons such as "a darker Belle and Sebastian" and "Evanescence meets Madonna" have been made, but Working With Kenzi undoubtedly form their own unique styles..