This is a review of "I Found Out" recorded by The Pigeon Detectives. The review was written by Richard Garnett in 2006.

Hurray for The Pigeon Detectives, about as cutting edge as a butter knife but about as much fun as you can have in two minutes. Like indulging in a fry up, you might feel a bit guilty afterwards as you take a quick peek at your waist line, but boy does it taste good at the time. Football crowd chants as backing vocals and bursting with snot snarling joy “I Found Out” is the reason why in some circles people use terms like “the new Kaiser Chiefs”. Less measured than their forebears and where the Chiefs opt to buy you a drink before taking you out for some chips, the Detectives just give you a look that says “kiss me now or it will be your friend who has the pleasure instead”. “Left Alone With You“ is also equal parts balls and fun while the mellow “Hello (My Old Friend)” is a Beatles-esque mess-about over the backdrop of a rainy day in a city centre replete with the squeaking of bus brakes. As they continue to win more fans for their positive-pissed-up romps The Pigeon Detectives may well be destined to be crowned cream of the Leeds crop.