This is a review of "Faceless" recorded by Xi. The review was written by Richard Garnett in 2006.

It will have no doubt raised more than just a few eyebrows when Xi and 48 Crash announced their recent union. There is no way of getting away from it, the band stick out like a sore thumb on a roster of skinny hair-do indie boys and girls... you don’t really expect to hear the line “Oh and these are our resident rockers”. Having spent no inconsiderable amount of time playing in some of the most un-rock and roll venues the country has to offer, no-one can deny Xi have put in the hours. But is Faceless the track that will finally launch a career? Sounding like a cross between the electronic whirs of Muse, the beef of Metallica and a string of other big budget American rock acts with a capital R both Faceless and B-side Headspace feel as if they are pitched to be the closing theme on the next Spiderman movie. Not a problem if that’s what crumbles your biscuit, but on a small Indie label in Leeds it has to be wondered how Xi will reach a target audience that this may appeal to. Although impressively constructed neither track really latches onto a decent hook and the moog style keyboard never sits at ease with the metal-jet guitar sound. One thing is for sure and as the deal with 48 Crash proves, specialists in perseverance, Xi are not to be discounted lightly.