This is a review of "That's Just How It is" recorded by Lowlife UK. The review was written by Danielle Millea in 2006.

After the strange voiceover about no becoming a movie/rock star and being lied to (not very punk is it, to ‘sell out’) the pace is consistent throughout. From first track ‘Short Fuse’, through to the ending title track (that, to give it credit, is a little slower in tempo) it’s just one beat: fast. Sore neck guaranteed after a non-stop listen, and easy to sing along to, as many of the lyrics are a repeated shout of the title of each track. ‘I Walk Alone’ is a ready-made anthem and ‘Fuck You’; well, can that statement be said enough? Obviously not for Lowlife UK. They have a problem with something and you will know about it.