This article was published in 2006.

Following on from their hugely successful debut album 'Experiments in Living' earlier this year, Leeds band four day Hombre release a new mini-album on the Alamo Music record label on 4th December.

Recorded in the space of a week in the band's studio, in between supporting Embrace on a UK tour, “Fight Death”, a 7-track mini-album, is a huge departure from the sound of 'Experiments in Living'.

Jason Miller said, "We approached the writing of it in a very different way, taking what were 7 acoustic ideas and saying 'right, what can we do with this track in a single day'. We recorded the entire album in a week. Ed mixed it on headphones in the back of our van and in dressing rooms whilst we were on tour. It was all done very quickly so we managed to capture a lot of energy and excitement that comes with fresh song ideas".

Rated one of the Top 5 Live Bands in the country by The Independent earlier this year, four day Hombre are most at home on the road. They stormed the recent 22-date Embrace tour, playing to capacity venues across the country, and are currently in the middle of a national headlining tour.

four day Hombre play Leeds' Cockpit venue on 26th November – tickets remain and can be purchased at See Tickets.