This is a review of "Nineteen" recorded by ¡Forward, Russia!. The review was written by Richard Garnett in 2006.

In World War II the average age of the combat soldier was 21, In Vietnam he was 19… ok it had to be done, of course this isn’t a cover of the Paul Hardcastle’s pop classic but part of ¡Forward, Russia!’s continuing plan to bring Numberwang to the masses. After his recent curious venture on the last Yes Boss single Tom Woodhead is back on familiar territory as the foil to Whiskas stop start mathematical guitar wrestling. As well as the hardcore faithful, the less aggressive tones of Nineteen are likely to also appeal to those who find the band's staple diet just too stressful to cope with. With an underlying tune that sounds like a U2 remix with a sample from the title music of Tomorrow’s World it is surprisingly just what the kids want. But much more enjoyable is B-side Ten with its cute shouted backing vocal from drummer Katie Nicholls. The band feels much more comfortable when not trying for the epic and wearing out the delay pedal. For the completist there are a couple of reasonable remixes of Thirteen and Eleven by Duels and 65daysofstatic respectively making this a tidy little package to keep you all happy while the band beano it around the globe. Now hands up all those people who when bored have put all the tracks released so far in order on their iPod, well now you have Ten for your collection you autistic little FR-spotters!