This is an archive of the band profile for Air Raid Brigade.

Formed in 2000, then having line-up changes, Air Raid Brigade have progressed into their current style of progressive, experimental, rock, with some elements of punk. Having had almost two years off live shows around 2004, Air Raid Brigade started gigging again playing new material written. In 2005, Air Raid Brigade released their self-recorded EP (under the previous name of Self-Titled). In early September 2005, they headed to Prism Studios to record a three track CD that can be heard on their Myspace page. 2006 has seen more energetic live shows as well as the recent name change from Self-Titled to Air Raid Brigade. Expect to see and hear a lot more from the band under this new name!

“Think early Manics a la Generation Terrorists mixed with At The Drive-in circa Relationship of Command and you're somewhere within a couple miles of your destination”.