This is an archive of the band profile for 3 Days Till 2Morrow.

3 Days Till 2Morrow is a five piece contemporary rock band based in Leeds, with a constantly growing global fan base. Originally from London and formally known as EXIT MUSIC, the band met at secondary school, covering various 90s Brit Pop anthems and Rock n Roll tunes - until the desire to create new and exciting music took over. Since then, the band has matured not only in practise, but also in sound. With two members added within the past two years, 3 Days Till 2Morrow have finally managed to merge their different ideas and sounds into an amalgamation of intense vocals, powerful riffs and majestic guitar solos.

Moss (Vocals/Guitar), Luke (Vocals/Guitar) and Olli (Bass) decided to form a band together in 1996, playing at various London venues. In 2002 the three moved to Leeds to continue studying music, where they met Quaid (Guitar) and Emo Mark (Drums).

Achievements to date include winning the Bright Young Things competition in 2003 where the band were able to play to a huge crowd at Leeds Town Hall. In 2005, 3 Days Till 2Morrow won a battle of the bands competition hosted by The Rock Garden in Covent Garden, as well as earning the headlining spot in the New Bands Tent at the Unity Day Festival in Leeds, Hyde Park. That same year, the band was also successful in winning the HMV Showcase competition, which saw their first EP on sale in the Leeds HMV store.

Other venues where the band have played include the Lyric Theatre, The Boarderline, The Dome, and The Half Moon in London, and at Josephs Well, The Primrose, The New Roscoe, Carpe Diem, and The Royal Park Cellars in Leeds.

Forthcoming events for 3 Days Till 2Morrow include various battle of the band competitions, the Ghetto Caravan Tour around England, and an open air concert in Leeds Town Centre in October. Aside from this the band also receives regular airplay on Leeds Student Radio.

The music that influences each member varies so much that the band has to work extremely hard to create a sound that not only represents their personalities but also satisfies their own different musical taste. Influences include Tool, Radiohead, The Streets and Pink Floyd..