This is a review of "Anticlockwise" recorded by Shatner. The review was written by Russell Leeming in 2006.


No it’s not Basil Brush, but the sheer amount of influences bursting from Shatner’s confident double A side single. Encapsulating all the positives of Britpop, ‘Anticlockwise’ is a memorable tune that sounds like a coming together of Super Furry Animals and Supergrass, with Elbow’s Guy Garvey on vocals. Kula Shaker, Sleeper and Ocean Colour Scene are thankfully not invited.

Lyrically, it’s not the most enticing thing you’ll ever hear (“I think we’re growing up / I think we’re growing down / going round and round and round the wrong way round”), but who cares? Sometimes the world gets fed up of being told that “George Bush is a bad man” and “ultimate misery will be by our sides forever” etc etc. With this however, you can practically hear the beer boys singing along (“It’s tii-ii-ii-ii-ime”). A good thing, because life is about having fun, is it not?

The most appealing thing about Shatner (aside from sounding a bit like the Kaiser Chiefs and not being irritating), is that they can be the most indie band ever and still sound original; like a chef mixing up the same old ingredients to create a brand new dish. This shows in the immediacy of ‘It’s Time’; it sounds like something the Kaisers or Blur (Great Escape era) chucked away, but has since been found in better hands and turned into a good tune, but without the novelty element.

Okay, it’s far from being life changing but my life’s pretty much fine thank you very much. A solid eight, no mistakes and it’ll be interesting to see what Shatner do next. Please no “ooohs” and “ahhhs” though. Semicolon, hyphen, closed bracket.

Fun fun fun.