This is an archive of the band profile for Northern Guns.

Northern Guns are a three-piece from the outskirts of Leeds and have been playing together for well over 4 years now, with guitarist Richard and drummer Conor starting the project while at school. They have been through many line up changes over the years, which have included new bassists, singers and rhythm guitarists. The band started off playing covers of classics - included in this was their own version of My heart Will Go On and House of the Rising Sun, the latter appearing in their current set list. The band became a more serious project when they recruited Kat Smith as singer and Jonny on the bass guitar, a number of songs were written, most of which were recorded in the summer of 06. The band have been gaining a great following with a handful of gigs around their hometown of Guiseley. Now with 'The Radio Riot EP' recorded and set for release soon, the band are looking to hit the gigging circuit and build on their growing success..