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Starting from the glowing ashes of about 5 million different bands, Dead Leg got together in Leeds, October 2005. The 3 members of the band have played in just about every configuration and line-up imaginable, so it was only a matter of time before these guys got it together. Drawing from a variety of classic and modern day rock acts, the band's music features killer riffs, manic guitar solos, and lyrics covering a variety of modern day issues, such as sleeping with hookers and dating a skanky hoe. Yes, they are LOUD, but only because Chris "Angry Chemist Kes" Kershaw on the sticks raises the decibel level of his own accord. He's followed, be it a few miles behind, by the dozy yet loveable Boz Burley on the bass, often seen at the Drydock Pub with a plethora of young women. And to complete the formation Chris Catling, with a thirst for ambitious guitar solos, lager and, above all else, Kit Kats..