This is a review of "A New Hope EP" recorded by FineApple. The review was written by Tony Pasquariello in 2002.

Fine Apple, one of Bradford's unknown bands outside the area, choosing to ply their trade at Rios, bring us a great four-track EP. A ska punk band by trade they do not disappoint on this CD, bringing all the subtleties of their genre into play.

The first track is a quirky punk number, which is their most commercial track on the EP. It starts off with the brass section in full force, slightly reminiscent of NOFX and Less Than Jake. The only thing that lets this track down is the vocals, which are sometimes out of tune and not nice to listen to. There is some very nice guitar-work in this track that drives it along.

The second track takes the band in a completely different direction entirely; it reminded me of Rage Against The Machine because of the way the song was structured: a more nu-metal feel, in its guitar work primarily, and rapping instead of the traditionally sung vocals. A very impressive track.

The third track starts off with a very impressive guitar riff, and returns back to the style of the first track when the brass section kicks in. The verses are very mellow on this song, with the choruses more punk. The strange thing about this song is the vocals are sung in the style of a ballad which is a contrast to the track before it. A very good track indeed.

There are so many ska punk bands in Leeds and surrounding areas and Fine Apple could easily join them playing the big venues if this CD is anything to go by.