This is a review of "On Your Marks" recorded by Voltage Union. The review was written by Matthew Walton in 2007.

The Dance To The Radio stable this week wheeled out their latest offering in the form of Voltage Union, and with such stable-mates as Forward Russia and The Pigeon Detectives I was excited and eager to sample the label’s latest release.

Track 1 is “On Your Marks” and is pretty steady. The changes of key and vocal variances are pretty impressive, as are the beats and structure. It is not very groundbreaking though, and sounds pretty bland and not unlike another 100 bands out there.

Track 2 “Zombie #2” sounds like, well, track 1. I had to check on my iTunes to make sure I hadn’t pressed repeat on track 1. It may just be a filler for the CD so let’s not hold that against them in this review.

The problem nowadays, with so many bands out there producing top quality indie music, is that you need to stand out, and offer a slightly different aspect to the usual suspects. I can still remember hearing the first tunes from bands like Arctic Monkeys, Guillemots, Milburn, The Rapture etc and they made you turn up your stereo and give it your full attention. Voltage union don’t, but having said that, there is room for improvement. The ingredients are there, and maybe, like my wife’s cooking, they just need to alter the quantities slightly.