This is a review of "One of Two" recorded by Sky Larkin. The review was written by Richard Garnett in 2007.

With their debut release Sky Larkin show the skills and naivety that so far make up their charm. One of Two is slightly too long to be a real radio hit world beater. But their mistake is your gain as ultimately there is more to enjoy of this choppy poppy guitar sloppy little number. Although cute and breathy, there is much more menace to Katie’s lead vocals than most who just fall back on their sweet feminine vocal tones. She almost slurs it as if leaning across a table in a crowded bar and divulging a fact she hopes to impress you with. With early vibes similar to The Breeders, Joan as Police Woman and PJ Harvey and with elements of Bikini Kill there at once feels like there is ten times more soul here than in the lip gloss and air-brushed tones of some… they know who they are. B-side Young Lungs isn’t as good but durr it’s the B-side and anyway it’s far better than most and should appease all those who want more… and you will. Once again Dance to the Radio justifies the hype and show that in Sky Larkin they have chosen well again in picking their latest hopefuls.