This is a review of "State of Mute Fear" recorded by Mishkin. The review was written by Harry Johns in 2007.

Mishkin like Slipknot and the singer probably likes Incubus. Not saying that’s bad at all. I hope this is all in good fun because it’s really heavy and groovy.

The first song has a cool Maiden-esque galloppiness about it and has a good balance of singy bits and screamy bits. Actually now I`m hearing Funeral for a Friend. And Sikth! Yeah this is neat.

Ok, I think I’ve figured Mishkin out. They're not too serious, a bit technical, very aggressive but with a nice (dare I say it) funky side to them.

My only criticism is that sometimes it’s a bit long. Just because they don’t follow a simple pop-song structure (which is a really good thing) doesn’t mean you’re allowed to play seven minute metal songs.

So this has become the sketchiest review ever. Mishkin are well good. Very accessible and often anthemic but with killer tech-metal riffs and the singer’s really good looking and probably gets all the chicks.