This is a review of "Re:Invent the scene" recorded by Armstrong. The review was written by Danny Martin in 2007.

With a veritable army of fans in tow at every turn, and the whispers surrounding their live performances starting to gain volume, I was a little giddy and had very high hopes for this single.

As we all know though, life can sometimes be a bitch.

It all starts to fall apart on the press release, during a paragraph describing the “fuss” enveloping their gigs. When, and I choke even quoting this “as well as shows where Brit rock heroes Fightstar, among others, came to find out what the buzz was about”. Brit rock heroes, are you having a feckin’ laugh? Heroes to who? My neighbours’ 13-year-old daughter who doesn’t quiet want to tear the Busted posters off her wall yet?

Now, some might say I am being a tit here, but press releases are part of my review, part of my research. If a band doesn’t want me to comment on it, don’t bloody include it. And for God’s sake budding Musos, do not put shite blasé comments like that in them. Rant over.

But sadly it isn’t, as any hope I had that the music was going to speak for itself and shatter any pre-conceived notions I had about these guys goes up in flames within about 5 minutes. It really, simply, just isn’t that good.

I don’t know, maybe a watered down Lost Prophets is the best place to pitch them. All the ingredients of some serious stadium rock are there; loud guitars, thumping bass, and chaotic lead vocals, but it all kind of leads you down a path to nowhere. The right recipe, but lacking in an exciting, vibrant end product. Title track “Re:Invent the scene” is all very dull and uninspired, even with me willing it on it never shifts out of neutral.

Ok, I’m going to stop, as I am mighty confused now. For I really wanted this to be ace, honestly I did. Their live reputation may hold a torch to all that is good in rock at the moment but for some reason this just hasn’t translated onto record. Maybe it’s the production; maybe it’s the energy that just doesn’t travel. Or maybe, and forgive me in advance, is it possible that Armstrong have hoodwinked people into believing loud guitars and screaming vocals automatically make a decent rock band? And looking back, if “Brit rock heroes” is the lofty tag they have placed on Fightstar, then any aspirations they have must be pretty damn low anyway.