This article was published in 2007.

Usually, February is rubbish. You fail your resolutions, you stop going to the expensive gym you joined, you stop ringing elderly relatives and they cut you out of your will. It’s still cold, even though it’s almost nearly kind of spring. Then the card shops, the supermarkets, your colleagues and chat shows start telling you that the only important date is Valentine’s Day. Even though 21st February is International Mother Language Day, which is much more interesting.

Well, screw romance. There are plenty of other reasons to get out of the house this February. In preparation for the first ever Ladyfest Leeds, a music and arts festival which is going to be celebrating gender equality and will be happening 10th to 15th April across Leeds, there is going to be a host of events over the coming months.

First up in February are two fundraisers for Ladyfest. On Saturday 3rd February, at the Common Place (8pm, £5 on the door), there’ll be a six-band gig featuring Hadouken!, Theoretical Girl, Fake Tan, Café Adam, Jean Genet and Ghost Fleet.

But it doesn’t stop there. On Friday 9th February at the Brudenell Social Club, another benefit gig will this time see performances from Manic Cough, Bonsai Kittens, Fake Tan, Vile Vile Creatures and Sailor Tongue.

Sleep is for losers. One day later, on Saturday 10th February, Todmorden Cricket Club will be hosting their girls-only Women’s Disco to raise more funds for Ladyfest Leeds. Some people might consider cricket to be the height of excitement, but those people are wrong. With a roster of DJs, it starts at 9pm and by 11pm you’ll be spinning around, dosed up on cider, to ‘Deceptacon’. You know you will.

And last but by no means least, monthly club night Suck My Left One, which last month raised over £300 for Ladyfest Leeds, will be taking place on 23rd February.

Right. That’s your lot. Keep an eye out for more events in March – with the International Women’s Day film night fundraiser on March 8th and a FemFest fundraiser on the 10th, it’s only going to get more exciting. Also coming up will be the launch of the official programme of events for Ladyfest itself!