This is an archive of the band profile for Weekends, The.

The band formed during the summer of 2006. Members of the band had previously worked together; But the fundamental coming together of The Weekends as we now know them was the arrival of their new drummer (Martin Whyment) in August 06. He came into the band with experience and a love for the sound they were creating and immediately understood what was required. Bringing together an end product the band had been looking for, they eventually settled on the name The Weekends and began playing at venues across the north.

Since then the band have received glowing reviews for both their live performances and their recorded work. The band are continuously writing for the future and even took time to rework some old material from a previous demo recorded under the name The Rise.

As things stand today the band continue to gig up and down the country, whilst also taking out time to record a self funded project which will include 3 new tracks..