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Ticbox is ticking all the right boxes when it comes to raw talent in its true form. The band could be smug about its song-writing (some of Nader Mabadi's songs are loved around the globe) or the combined musical experience of all five members, but it's just too busy riding the wave with the super-charged energy reminiscent of the original punk rock and hacienda days. Laced with Razorlight with a suggestion of Coldplay and spiced with Red Hot Chili Peppers, Ticbox, working with the producer Will Jackson of Kaiser Chiefs and Keane fame, is an outfit that knows what they want and where they have to go to get it. The freedom they exhibit on stage is what makes each and everyone of them proud, determined as they are to be unconfined by boundaries and forever moving onwards and upwards with their feet firmly on and then off the ground. Their words talk to the world from behind a veil of melody, selling autobiography as social commentary while their music penetrates and awakens your true enthusiasm like CPR for the soul..