This is an archive of the band profile for Hurricane Sunday.

Ben Greaves - Vocals, acoustic guitars, piano
Will Godfrey - Guitar, vocals
Elliot Freeman - Guitar
Roon - Bass
Glen Hodgson - Drums

Hurricane Sunday are a five-piece rock / indie band. Their ambition is just to get out there, play a blinding set, meet as many people as possible and give them a great night with as much energy, talent and memorable tracks as possible. The songs are written as much for the audience as the band themselves, songs about life, and how themselves, like many others live it, but still having fun at the same time.

The band came about as 5 lads, moving to Leeds for yet another music scene, another band... Each member of the team brings their own piece of the jigsaw, it fits together perfectly for them, gigging after only two practices, yet immediately being able to hold their own with the best of the competition.

Ben Greaves, and acoustic artist for years and ex- frontman of Wolverhampton based  outfit 'The Soundtrack', auditioned and got the job as singer of 'Long Day Gone', back in Walsall, but decided he had to move back to Leeds and start something of his own in a scene that is already bursting with bands and venues. A short-listed Nominee for an Independent Leeds Music Award after living there for only 3 months was not a bad start! Now the band has taken off in small circles, next year he's looking not to aim for the local scene but something a little more substantial with the full band, "My ambition has always been to be in a great band that really play well together, getting out and just playing as many places and to as many great audiences as we possibly can." (Ben G)

Will Godfrey, still a student, 20 years old, just, but one of the most entertaining talented lead guitarist you could wish to meet, elements of Frusciatnte, Navarro, yet with the emotional content of Billy Corgan, Mike McCready, and Stone Gossard.

"There's still a long way to go but as long as we're having fun, I'm in 100%, gigging with Hurricane Sunday is the most fun you can have with your clothes on!"

Elliot Freeman, ex member of Middlesbrough based All about Mason, nationally toured in several bands, and one of the tightest rhythm guitarists you could wish to meet. Influenced by classic rock as well as folk and classical elements to his distinct style.

"As long as I'm playing in front of an audience I'm a happy man, I also enjoy sky diving and hunting, but music is number one!"

Roon, an internationally experienced tour engineer by his early 20s, he's mixed sound for some of the biggest names in music, last year amusingly in fact turning down the job as sound engineer. A.K.A babysitter at a Babyshambles gig in York. He loves his job but loves playing bass guitar more and it shows, superbly talented.

"If you cut me through the middle it just says BASS across my abdomen, I live eat and sleep bass guitar." (Roon)

Glen Hodgson, one of the hardest hitting, most talented drummers you could wish to meet, ex member of 'All About Mason', a few years ago one of the most successful emerging acts of the North East, found that the music scene was detached from the rest of the UK, he moved to Manchester where the action is. In a saturated indie market though, it only took one call from ex-bandmate Roon to get the Hurricane Sunday ball rolling.

"I couldn't imagine a better night than getting up playing a kick-ass gig, having a great time, then going home and eating three tubs of Ben and Jerrys to end the night perfectly!"(Glen H)

Several performances later, an EP, and a lot of  acoustic showcases, brings them to where they are today... lets just hope tomorrow brings even more fun!!.