This is a review of "Monsters" recorded by The Sugars. The review was written by Nick Rowan in 2007.

Oh my! Blended together smoother than a chocolate fudge sundae, The Sugars sure can shake, rattle and roll. These tracks unearth the forgotten newsreel section of your mind where dapper guys with Brylcream quiffs and curly-haired gals jive dance the night away. Sure it’s somewhat kitschy and other-worldly (by design) in a manner that could easily have proved an irritation but here it works. Perhaps that’s down to the excellent vocal performance provided by the honey-toned Anna Greenaway and the marked contrast with Matt Bolton’s equally impressive if heavily-stylised warble.

In ‘Monsters’, Greenaway casts herself as the victim of a love curse, feigning helplessness in the midst of its power (“Oh baby please, won’t you exorcise the demons in my mind?”). Bolton’s doctor is unmoved. “There’s (a)nothing I can do, there’s (a)nothing I can say,” he moves closer, cutting her to the quick, “You realise that the monster’s in you, that the monster’s (in) you?” As the doctor repeats the verdict, Greenaway drifts further in to the gloom, now lost she can only wail her sorrow, “What about me? What about me?” Dance, sing along, lose yourself in their perfectly realised world for a glorious couple of minutes.

Kicked down a few gears from the pacey rock and roll urgency of the a-side, ‘Serenade’ swoons along like the backing track to a slow dance. It feels slight, strangely low-key. You just don’t hear this sort of thing on record anymore. I can almost see it playing at The Enchantment Under The Sea Dance. Whereas I’m guessing that such a vision is probably complimentary, I’m damn sure this single’s worth your time.