This is a review of "Take The Long Road And Walk It" recorded by The Music. The review was written by Michael Clarke in 2001.

Currently unsigned, this 4-piece from Leeds are already being hailed as the biggest thing since Oasis. This, their debut release, on Fierce Panda, created quite a storm when it was played on The Evening Session a few months back. Since then the band have grown in popularity.

This up-beat track is remarkably good for a debut single, and the words The Stone Roses instantly come to mind. However, The Music in Robert Harvey, have one of the best vocalists around at the present time, and it's his vocals and Adam Nutters repetitive guitar noises that dominate this remarkable single.

Still, if that doesn't do anything for you, the equally impressive instrumental 'The Walls Are Getting Smaller' on the B-side will.

Reproduced from Record Box.