This is a review of "Unfinished Business EP" recorded by Beautiful Feet. The review was written by Richard Garnett in 2002.

Beautiful feet have a very pleasing sound, a Radio 2 Sunday morning sound, a keeuuwwwwl sound - not a bad thing, in fact with the increasing number of noisy guitar monkeys out there it is refreshing to hear someone being subtle with their instruments. Let me tell you who Beautiful Feet sound similar to...think Kings of Convenience, get together with Ben & Jason but forget to bring their lyric books so have to adlib, during a break for tea, they listen to some early Trash Can Sinatras and some Jazz...umm nice! [Note nothing like Badly Drawn Boy, Coldplay or ???Radiohead??? - as is stated in the bands biog.]

Whenever reviewing a CD my first impression is usually right, but I have to say with this CD it has not been the case. That first impression does however provide one useful point. On first airing I was immediately taken back to student house parties where you wander into a smoky room to find two blokes who fancy themselves, with acoustic guitars playing soppy music to six glassy eyed girls. There is a damning naivety to BF's music (particularly lyrics) that to the untrained ear makes them sound like 4 student poets in a band. Scratch below the surface though and you will find a bunch of quality musicians with some great ideas.

Track 1 - 'Back to you' is the best impression of easy listening Jazz I have ever heard a guitar band do. The song structure is at times a little pointless but the chorus is pleasantly lifting. 'Headstrong' has a darker feeling to it but again employs the same laid back pop tones. Apart from its wishy washy lyrics (Cardinal lyric writing sin No 823 - "Breathe the air") final track 'Breathe (the beach)' is pleasant sounding enough.

If anything BF's big problem is being memorable. I've listened to this 10+ times and I can't hum, whistle or sing any one of the 3 tracks. If you put them on in the background of a dinner party it would be perfect but the conversation would never stop and no one would say "who's this? I really like it" - not because they don't, but because they probably just didn't notice it was on. Without changing their sound but maybe with varying their tempo and pace BF will become a force to be reckoned with but for now it's a very easy on the ear.