This is a review of "Untitled" recorded by Redwire. The review was written by Mark Gill in 2007.

Redwire declare on their website to be “the most exciting band to come out of Bradford ever!” Considering at the minute the only other Bradford band I can think of are Embrace… they may be correct.

Exciting is a bit of a misnomer, because whilst the three songs on this untitled demo are rather raucous, dance along indie, it’s hardly a massive departure from any other British indie band out there at the moment. Indeed the band’s influences are a who’s who of British indie guitar music: The Smiths, Stereophonics, Libertines, Beatles and Kasabian. However, if you throw into that mix the influence of local Yorkshire bands The Pigeon Detectives and The Sunshine Underground, you can appreciate that Redwire are more post-punky indie than Morrissey-esque. Nonetheless to judge any band on the idea that they are not inventing new genres or bringing in intricate glockenspiel solos is obviously… stupid. In fact this is the only criticism that can be levelled at Redwire. These are good solid indie songs that few of the Cockpit or Wire attendees would have little problem boogie-ing away to.

The only track with a known title, ‘Sinking Feeling,’ opens with a catchy little riff, and jerky, cutting lead guitar section with vocalist Tom sounding like Alex Turner’s long lost brother… damn those Monkeys. Track 2 inexplicably opens with a stoner Cockney singing ‘I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles,’ and this feels a tad unnecessary, although when the music kicks in with its raucous mix of Arctic Monkeys style verses and a toned down Libertines chorus with punky backing shouts, you can kind of forgive the Cockney and his doobie. There’s even a dark little jumpy piano line in the bridge, which nicely layers the rest of the music. Track 3 is the result of Dr. Frankenstein’s experiment trying to fuse 90’s Green Day and the Arctic Monkeys together, with its tagline of “There’s nothing else to do but fade away”.

Considering all the band’s members are still seventeen, this is a good effort. They play cohesively and energetically. However, they may find that they will suffer from sounding a little too like the Arctic Monkeys. Good songwriting is evident though, and this is a solid enough debut demo.