This article was published in 2007.

Leeds-based alternative rock band Xi have this week announced details of a deal to release their music within the North America and Australia territories.

The band have secured a deal with the San Francisco-based ZIP Records for the release of their current single (‘Faceless’) and forthcoming album in the North American market, with the ZIP Australia subsidiary label covering the release in Australia.

Xi released ‘Faceless’ in the UK on the Leeds indie label 48 Crash in November 2006 and the response prompted Art Herman of ZIP to approach the band seeking to release the single under license in the USA, Canada and Australia. The release date for these territories has now been set for Monday 26th March 2007.

Meanwhile, Xi’s album ‘The Glow of Television‘ will be released by 48 Crash and ZIP across all territories at the end of April.

Xi singer and frontman Daz said, “It feels like a vindication of years of hard work. Some of these songs have lived with us for some time now and it feels good they’re going to be heard by lots of people. We can now get on with the business of creating more Xi children and letting them loose on the world!”