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The PB Band was originally formed in May 2006 when Pat Bourne, then frontman of Leeds band Future Sons of Rome, wanted to realise some song ideas of a more soul-orientated nature than those of his current group. He soon recruited Jaz Sagoo (Infanocide, Revokation) on drums, and Phil Brook (Cellar door, Black Hawk War) on guitar. After their opening gig at Joseph's Well in October 2006 Jonny Teanby (Cellar Door, Paraffin Alien) joined. The band played various venues in and around Leeds before recording a demo of three of their songs. Some recent line-up changes have seen Jonny moving from keys to bass and Phil's brother Ric joining. The band are currently working on some new songs and hopefully a new demo. They also have experience of private gigs (having played a school PTA gig, a private function for a running club and are booked to play a wedding in the summer) often playing extended sets of up to two hours (both their own music and funky covers)..