This is a review of "Sides / Where Were You?" recorded by Kram. The review was written by Richard Garnett in 2007.

This new double A-side is more of the same idea packed Muse-tinged guitar-led adventures from Kram. There are also encouraging signs that they’re finding their own sound rather than wearing their influences like big hats with neon arrows. Having previously set a high benchmark with the explosive “Somethingism”, “Sides” pales somewhat in comparison and feels like more of an album track than a single, devoid as it is of an obvious hook. “Where Were You?” is all thumping power from start to finish and must be a monster when unleashed live. Kram also take the time to show some interesting notions of a future that doesn’t always involve towering guitars with delicate electro-beeping b-side “When The Money Runs Dry…”. Oddly enough if anything holds back the band on this release it’s the rather flat production which doesn’t really reach the epic proportions the music is aiming for. A nice release for their fans, next step something for everyone.