This is a review of "Borders" recorded by The Sunshine Underground. The review was written by Chris Woolford in 2007.

Borders is the fourth unique single (there have been a few re-releases!) to come from Leeds-based The Sunshine Underground on their indie label City Rockers.

Taken from recent album Raise the Alarm, this track has been a firm live favourite of mine since seeing the band headline the Cockpit a good 18 months ago. However on record this track just seems to lack the energy, drive and bombastic beats of previous Underground efforts such as Commercial Breakdown and Put You in Your Place.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s still one heck of a punchy tune, the highlight coming when Craig Wellington’s shouting vocals reverberate like a shockwave into the chorus. Yet, despite the bouncing bass line and chugging guitars, it’s still rather more Hard-Fi than should really be necessary.

Overall it's just a little bit disappointing, especially when we know what amazing heights these boys are capable of reaching.