This is an archive of the band profile for Mercurial.

Mercurial is a new sound phenomenon, formed in the summer of 2005. The dedicated team of innovators locked themselves in a basement and started distilling ideas into songs. Mercurial emerged playing live shows, complete with samples linking each song together forming a refined, focused set.

Many years gigs and songs passed until early 2008 when Mercurial hit the studio to record and master,

Then in September 2008 Mercurial surfaced, clutching their first full length, self produced album "No Humans Attached"

The album is over an hour long with 8 full tracks linked by original soundscapes that will blow your mind!

Along with the album we have got a brand new myspace where you can buy and order our CD's and merchandise, check out the latest news and download all of our new artwork......

Coming soon we will have FREE 2 track sampler CD's that contain tracks taken from the album each with individual artwork designed especially by us for the CD's, to let you have a taste of what the album is all about.

We are launching a full website ( shortly where you will be able to listen to all the tracks via our interactive media player and also buy merchandise/T-shirts.

Pick up the album now for a mere £5 via our online shop here

All we can say is we feel it has been worth the wait and we can't wait to get back out there gigging with a new set. Hope to see you there...


Mercurial xx

Paul Walsh - Vocals
Chris Green - Guitar
Adam Pickering - Bass
Hamid Tavakoli - Drums.