This article was published in 2007.

Huddersfield's Timeless Music Project is set to make another regional stir at the prestigious SXSW 2007 music conference in Austin, Texas later this month, as they once again take Yorkshire music, bands and labels across the globe.

In 2006, Timeless Music Project's SXSW CD achieved international distribution deals and radio plays for the various labels taking part, and the project has this year organised two CDs.

The first CD will again focus on West Yorkshire Independent Record labels. The following labels and bands will be represented:

Dance To The Radio - Shut Your Eyes And You'll Burst Into Flames
Bad Sneakers: The Sugars
On The Bone Records: Mother Vulpine
Capri Music: Lara Rose
Chocolate Fireguard: Kava Kava
Broke Records: The Autobots
Timeless Music Project: Practical Headz
Alamo Music: four day Hombre
Bongo Chilli Records: Rogue State
Klinik Records: Jack Flash
Wrath Records: The Scaramanga Six
Performing Chimp: Jon Gomm

The second CD is supported by Bradford Council and aims to showcase Bradford's unsigned talent. The idea for the CD follows on in response to the "Bradford Intune" event organised by Bradford Council in December 2006 to investigate the needs of the region's music industry.

The SXSW 2007 Bradford CD features music by Laura Groves, This Et Al, Laboratory Noise, Philip G Charles, Neesh, The Psychedelic Singh, Harmacy, Imani Kekima, Rent, Bassman Gerry and The Analog Bombs.

Timeless Music Project is developed by professional musician Pat Fulgoni who said, "I've been to SXSW a few times with the Chocolate Fireguard label and as a punter. SXSW is such an amazing opportunity. There are thousands of music industry reps there."

"Being chosen to play an event like this is mindblowing but it also means that it opens the door for even more networking. For example I'll be able to give the Bradford Unsigned and West Yorkshire CDs a real push out there and hopefully this can make a real difference. Supporting the local music industry is very important. Not just for economic reasons, but also for a large range of social reasons."

"When you look at the success of major label acts Corrine Bailey Rae and Kaiser Chiefs for example, now really is the time to encourage support for the region's independent record labels who spend their time and resources nurturing local talent."

"Given a chance, West Yorkshire could be the next big region for British Music".