This is a review of "Untitled" recorded by Orka. The review was written by Dave Sugden in 2002.

Previously plagued by critique suggesting they are a one-song band, Orka deliver a two-fingered salute in the form of a primarily home-recorded demo CD. After the aforementioned "one-song" opens up, all focus is on how well the remaining songs compare... and they stand up well, dispelling any fear the band's creativity may have declined in recent times.

An 80's disco/electronica drumbeat opens up the second track "Crush", before the guitar wrecks all sense of pop with an injection of fuzzed-up noise in full glory. Imagine Hole's "Celebrity Skin" with more glam and less rawk: "Live like a rock star, when you're drowning in a fast car, take the pills to kill the din, the water's past your chin, crush, crush". For everything that "She" is, "Crush" isn't... a full-on energy rush that exemplifies their Muse-esque mix of rock'n'roll, noise and beauty.

Back to the start and a subtly different version to that which they recorded in 2001; "She" now impresses with a cleaner guitar base which, coupled with improved drumming, intertwines well with Coyle's excellent vocal delivery, "As a matter of fact, the kids came back, the way they always do, but now they won't stop loving you". With an intrinsic beauty "She" is amazingly crafted; one of, if not the, best track written by any local act in the past five years, this is the quality of songwriting other bands should be striving to achieve.