This is a review of "Untitled" recorded by The Moot. The review was written by Richard Garnett in 2007.

Female Huddersfield duo The Moot sport seven tracks of their naïve home produced reggae on this sampler. Lifted from the 20 tracks free on their website, the clear joy for what they are doing and glee at being able to share them with the public at large is evident from the off. Get past the ropey home production and bop-bop-bop of the sampled drums and you are left with an interesting ear for reggae tinged pop. The naivety does occasionally extend beyond the bedroom production with one or two songs wandering past a comfortable length such as opener “This Is My Station” or “Manic Man”. But for the most part the band's clear ear for a simple uplifting pop ditty shines through. The Stevie Wonder and Marley inspired “Snuggle Up” is good fun and lyrically gets away with its MySpace blog-banality just as Lily Allen does. “Walk Home” has a summer air to it to accompany any warm night when to drive would be a sin. Sadly in an era when even a demo needs to be release quality to attract any attention The Moot will no doubt get over-looked by many but a good producer could easily turn this into the sound of the summer.