This is an archive of the band profile for Nil Carborundum.

Lee Thrower: Lead vocals, seq/prog.
Danny Thrower: Bass, vocals.
Dave Ruocco: Rhythm guitar, vocals.
Leon Byrne: Lead guitar, vocals.

Nil Carborundum began life in 2004 as a recording-only solo project founded by Lee Thrower. The project had no boundaries in terms of specific genre, allowing Lee's creativity to compose whatever he liked.

In Spring 2006, Lee joined a local rock-band as drummer and subsequently concentrated on Nil Carborundum a lot less, but not completely putting it on hold. During this period, Lee's songwriting influences became increasingly death/black-metal orientated; and upon leaving the rock-band in February 2007, Lee resumed full-on work on Nil Carborundum with newly-adopted ferocity. Acts such as Anaal Nathrakh, the Berzerker and Carcass began to influence Lee's songwriting to the point of pure, insane brutality. At the same time, Lee's evergrowing knowledge of music production from college studies and personal experience meant that his songs were sounding more and more professional. During this period, songs such as 'Boldly Stand Erect', 'Vengeance' and 'Ultimatum (S.S.O.D.)' were composed.

In early March 2007, Lee's brother Danny informed him of a new fortnightly rock/metal gig event run by the local council. Danny was eager to help him out, as was long-time friend Dave, and Nil Carborundum was transformed from a recording-only solo project, into a gigging death/black metal trio pretty much overnight! Danny took the role of lead vocalist, Dave got on the bass, and Lee played guitar. Unable to find an available drummer talented enough to play their double-kick, blastbeat songs, Lee decided to produce backing-tracks to be able to perform without a live drummer.

Backing tracks were produced using Propellerhead Reason 4.0 and burned to CD-R, and then fed into the mixing desk via laptop. Initial mixes lacked depth and sounded really tinny, it wasn't until August 2008 when Lee finally got hold of necessary equipment to monitor and analyze frequencies accurately, resulting in a far superior backing-track mix.

Their first ever gig was at Joseph's Well in Leeds, Saturday 24th March 2007, and as debut performances go, Nil Carborundum went down very well indeed! They then attempted to get as many gigs as possible, both with the Council-run gig and with other promoters; and though they didn't get that many, they still got a satisfying amount of gigs.

The trio were content performing like this for about 6 months before it was decided that a lead-guitarist should be recruited to broaden - and intricate - the sound. In September 2007, Marc Alexander - a friend of Danny's - joined the roster, and did literally four or five gigs with them before going AWOL. If it wasn't for the fact that he was with them on a few DV-recorded gigs - therefore an established past-member - he wouldn't even have really deserved a mention here.

Upon his sudden departure in May 2008, the band were a three-piece again. Gigs were starting to come fewer and further between, due to the deteriorating local interest in the fortnightly council shows. They hadn't played one of those shows since September 2007, when their set was cut short to 12 minutes and they fell out with the organisers (they have since made up again). They decided to play there again for the hell of it for their 2nd August 2008 gig; after all, they always went down really well there, so going back may have drawn the crowds back? Hell yeah it did!! It was their first council gig in nearly a year, and also their first ever show with the new, improved backing tracks. The crowd were astounding, and Nil Carborundum never felt so alive; and so more shows followed!

On 27th September 2008, Danny thought it would be a good idea to pull off an instrumental swap-around for the song 'Aeons'. Dan played bass, Dave went on guitar and Lee did lead vocals. The swap-around created a brand new, intense chemistry between each individual band-member that never felt so brutal since, which is why now, in 2010, the band have decided to take on this instrumental arrangement permanently. A lengthy break followed whilst Lee rearranged all Nil Carborundum's tabs to fit the new role setup.

In September 2009, Leon Byrne - and the infernal necroglove (!!) - joined the roster as lead guitarist; finally, a heavily dedicated, incredibly talented lead-guitarist!! Leon joined the lineup just as the band were thinking of changing, he did one gig with them in the original setup but is now patiently waiting for the rest of the band to swap around so he can resume his apocalyptic shreddery!!

As soon as the new lineup is thoroughly practised and complete, Nil Carborundum will be hitting the stages once again in a heartbeat, and will take no prisoners!! The full-length album 'Odi Profanum Vulgus et Arceo' was attempted in production twice in the past; but now with a talented lead-guitarist and with a brand new energy in the new lineup, Nil Carborundum patiently wait to blow you all away with a far superior, far more brutal aural assault!!.