This is a review of "s/t" recorded by Beasts. The review was written by Daniel Powell in 2007.

Listening back to Beasts' original demo recording - released in April last year - it' amazing to note how much a band can achieve in just a few months. Picking up pretty much where the demo left off, this self-titled début album brings the rock, any way you want it. If you like your punk rock fast, aggressive and riff heavy then Beasts have created the perfect album for you. Clocking in at just over twenty minutes, this is by no means Pink Floyd, it's fast, heavy, nasty as fuck, and it’s just shit all over your breakfast. The album kicks off proper (after a none more punk rock intro) with a re-recorded “Point Blank Range”, combining Maiden style riffage with nasty, hateful screaming, and more whoas than AFI and The Offspring combined. Another Highlight comes in the shape of “Double Standards”, again upping the quota of whoas with a two minute middle finger to organised religion. “A New Venture” nails the Maiden influence firmly to the mast, with harmonised vocals, guitars and an outro riff to die for. “Ripped In Pieces” is much more punk rock in its approach, with vocals akin to seminal 90’s punkers 88 Fingers Louie. The album’s real highlight comes with “Thicker than Water”, a lightning fast, skull fucking riot of a tune, with a beautiful chorus that appears from nowhere before a ripping, filthy solo leads the song back to hell where it belongs.

The timing of this album also could not have been better. Never before has this kind of music seen such exposure, with Gallows seemingly on every magazine cover in the world and The Plight being picked up by Visible Noise (who count Lostprophets and Bullet for My Valentine among their roster), punk rock is a noise everyone wants to hear again, and if that’s the case then this band will be massive. If you want to hear a stunning band at the top of their game, or you’re sick to death of the current crop of “image” bands and want an honest alternative, pick this album up now. For the rest, see you when you catch up. We’ll be the ones at the bar having a great time saying “I told you so”.