This is an archive of the band profile for Severed Heaven.

From the freshly dug grave of all girl metallers Blood Sundae springs forth Severed Heaven. Reanimated by the blistering lungs of one Lauren Price aka SATANICA, pure liquid metal runs through their undead veins. With an insatiable lust for THE CHUG they will stop at NOTHING until they have unleashed their unique brand of dark metal on the unsuspecting public.

Combining elements and influences of death, doom, hardcore and gothic metal plus a unhealthy dose of their own crazy voodoo, the end result is the soundtrack to a bloodbath. Queen of shred Leanne’s intricate and twisted twinkles of guitar, Vanessa’s uber guitar chug, Charlotte’s melodic bass lines and Anna’s versatile and varied rhythms are all completed by Lauren’s crowning glory. Her remorseless roar is one of the most brutal female metal vocals you’re ever likely to hear.

Call it melodic death-core, call it what you will. But whatever you want to call it, you can be sure of one thing… Severed Heaven are out for your blood – and they don’t take no for an answer. .