This is a review of "I'm Bored" recorded by No Eager Men. The review was written by Russell Leeming in 2007.

A guilty pleasure of mine has always been ‘dumb music’. Okay, I’ll happily listen to ‘Bush Baiters’ and ‘Peace Preachers’ without too many complaints, but sometimes one needs to wind down and forget about the troubles of the world for a few hours.

Although parents could look at No Eager Men and wonder what kind of world they’ll be bringing their children into: “Get out of the way / I’m a pissed up c**t” is one lyric that springs to mind, but in reality they’re just a harmless trio of lads. And that’s just the problem really- the old clichés of anarchist youths are hardly dispersed with on this three track EP: “I’m bored and I’ve got no money / I don’t wanna work ‘cos it ain’t too funny” etc etc.

It’s all three chord stuff, with the spirit of The Ramones merged into the sound of Insomniac era Green Day. As established it is dumb, but this is one endearing feature of the music - it would seem rather strange to hear No Eager Men sing about the economic ruin of Rwanda, for example.

Basically, it ticks all the boxes. There’s the fist in the air sing-a-long chorus for all the young reprobates, it all sound very similar and it doesn’t do a Radiohead-early Manics is as far out as we get on Out At The Front (think Sculpture of Man / Stay Beautiful). That’s not to say it isn’t a valiant effort, although I’m sure the Bradford three piece would be a much more exciting prospect on the live stage.