This is a review of "Bruce Lee" recorded by International Trust. The review was written by Nick Rowan in 2007.

The rapid rise of computers in the workplace has revolutionised the art of skiving. Whereas once slacking off was itself a complex process of fabricating meetings and leaving coats on the backs of chairs, now any imbecile (at least any imbecile not restricted by those pesky filtering systems) is only a click away from an online escape route from the drab and dreary reality of the modern office. My personal refuge is a certain local music forum which, since last year’s formation of International Trust, has been inundated by a continual barrage of virtual white noise the general gist of which can be summed up in just three words – INTERNATIONAL TRUST OI!

Numerous studies in propaganda and advertising have shown that after a certain number of repetitions any speaker will either create a race of zombies ready and willing to do their bidding or find themselves ripped limb from limb for being an irritating twat. At such a juncture lie International Trust. Unfortunately the Leeds Music Scene ratings before review layout may have stolen my thunder somewhat, and indeed this record has some commendable facets, but please believe me valued reader that I, swiftly discarding the heavy cloak of objectivity, dearly wanted to be able to throw that first stone.

But, on this poppy track at least, the IT are smart, likeable and catchy enough to leave you acting like a parrot if not quite one of the undead. Sure their keyboard sound is pure Frank Sidebottom circa Remote Control, and the guitar/bass/drums arrangement feels pretty standard but there is something in the biting Art Brut style lyrics that crystallises the song together. Vocalist Neil Hannon climbs aboard the current wave of celebrity: “This is the position / The height of my ambition / I admit I’m on a mission to be rich and famous [Rich and famous]” And such is life. Footballers are tagged as the new George Best, the new Maradona. Bands are the new Nirvana, the new Strokes. Why try to be yourself when there’s an easier shortcut? Why not become the new Bruce Lee? After all, you’re convinced that you’re “the only one to do him justice”.

Apparently some new International Trust songs are in the can from a recent session (wonder where I found that out?) and somehow I find myself thinking – Oi oi!