This is a review of "Untitled" recorded by Sleeve. The review was written by Russell Leeming in 2007.

Yet another indie/ rock four piece are here to stifle our souls. Hooray. This time it’s Sleeve, a Sheffield formed band that “live in a dream.”

There’s a bit more to them than the usual Oasis sound-a-likes. For a start, they attempt the kind of Gaints / Heathen Chemistry sound rather than the done to death Definitely Maybe stuff. It’s all rather endearing, but ultimately falls short. Lines like “can you feel it in your soul” practically scream out from Liam G’s notebook with the end result being another old psychedelic meaningless cliché.

Despite this, track one revels in melodic excellence. Just a shame I don’t have any titles, unless Sleeve are of course stuck in some kind of Damon Albarn-esque pretentiousness?? Oh, but what does it sound like Mr Leeming, hark the indie crowd - well, rather like the worst song off the worst Oasis album, (Probably) All in the Mind. So why it sounds good, I don’t know.

The final two tracks are painfully average, bog standard Britpop fodder - track two goes a bit Shed 7 at the end, then track three comes in and sounds exactly like track two before turning into some horrendous Maladjusted era Morrissey snoozefest. Don’t be sad, says the fat American melodramatic warbler, ‘cos one out of three ain’t bad.

Not at his age anyway.