This is an archive of the band profile for Lifescreen.

Lifescreen are a power trio from Leeds, United Kingdom. Formed from the ashes of Nerve Engine, they have been honing their sound since early 2007. Lots of gigs and four studio recordings completed, they are now promoting their latest self-produced and self-financed EP 'The Lockup Sessions', epic riff-heavy melodic rock in the vein of Alice In Chains, King's X, Helmet and Deftones.

With a natural, honest and highly energetic live show, Lifescreen have been swiftly building on a loyal fan base and winning over newcomers at every gig. With professional standard recordings, artwork and videos, they'll continue hitting the road to spread the word.

"Given that Lifescreen have turned out a genuine little diamond like 'Connexions' without any outside help just goes to show that they're a band that would benefit hugely by being picked up and having some backing to support the fantastic start and promise they've shown so far." - UBER ROCK

"'Connexions' enters the room like an elephant stamping on an unsuspecting tourist ready for a safari, well, welcome to the jungle baby." - INDEPENDENT MUSIC NEWS

"Lifescreen comes across as a well produced, melodic blend of metal. Using heavy rock riffs, occasional drones of electronically-treated ambience and vocals that alternate between low crooning and mid-pitch yelling. This gives their songs a more anthemic quality, driven by driving guitars and bombastic percussion. 'Deprogramming' is an entertaining album with satisfying moments." - PLAYMUSIC PICKUP

"The songs have been built around the catchiest of melodies, the right balance of knotted and twisted riffs. The hints of Alice In Chains and long haired grunge are excellent, this work of dedication, 'Deprogramming', could be turned into a semi-classic British rock album. Lifescreen have everything running in their favour." - MANCHESTER MUSIC

"Lifescreen are like a hybrid between Pearl Jam, Soundgarden and Deftones, if you liked Nerve Engine, you'll love Lifescreen!" - HARDROCKHOUSE.COM

"With two ex-Nerve Engine band members in Lifescreen a fair amount of riffs and heaviness is expected. This is present but the sound tends more towards grunge than metal, you'll probably still wake up with tinnitus but it will be more of a door bell than a car alarm. A lively show and great music is pretty much inevitable." - MOOG PROMOTIONS

"Catch Lifescreen now, a very promising band, tight melodic heaviness similar in style to Queens Of The Stone Age." - SOUTH YORKSHIRE TIMES

"The sound they are getting, for a three piece, is a big, big sound!" - DJ PAUL ANTHONY 106.1 ROCK RADIO

"Lifescreen are the ones to watch on the Leeds metal scene." - NORTHERN EXPOSURE

"This combo is unstoppable!" - COMPOUNDG.COM

"Leeds power trio Lifescreen have a clear grunge influence to go with there classic metal guitars. Favouring the minor keys, they have a dark sound without being gothic." - BLACK VELVET MAGAZINE

Lifescreen are:
Mark Burrows - Vox/Guitar
Chris Unwin - Bass/Vox
Andy Richards - Drums.