This article was published in 2007.

With the official announcement for the headliners and Main Stage line up for Leeds Festival 2007 now behind us, local interest turns once again to the Unsigned Stage. So if your band would like to appear on the same billing as RHCP, Arcade Fire, Smashing Pumpkins and Klaxons, then read on...

Since the stage's inception two years ago, Sandman Magazine has played a prominent role in the selection of the bands that have appeared and this year will be no different. Over thirty bands will appear on the stage over the three days in August, and if you're interested in playing you need to get your demo CD into the magazine's offices.

The closing date is Monday 4th June, and the address to send your demo CD to is:

Sandman Magazine
Leeds Festival Competition
PO Box 3720
S10 9AB

Note that it has to be on CD, and don't forget to include the name of your band and your contact details. Nothing worse than being the greatest talent the team at Sandman hear and they don't know who you are or how to contact you... sounds like obvious advice, but someone will forget!