This is a review of "Set On You" recorded by The Acutes. The review was written by Harry Johns in 2007.

I’m tired and hot and I know it’s time to get some sleep but what the hell, I’ll bang the new The Acutes single on and give this review a bash.

Right, so it’s ace. It oddly mixes the summery feel of bands like The Coral or whatever, with a rad Sebadoh-esque lo-fi crooner-ish rawness. I hate The Coral by the way. I guess they sound like The Black Keys if they threw out their Howlin` Wolf records and got really into The Folk Implosion. Anything that sounds like Sebadoh must be good, right? This two-piece seem to have sprang from nowhere, apparently they used to live in Liverpool, but now they’re here in Leeds and they’ve got themselves some records out on Bad Sneakers. I’m well up for seeing them live, they’re going to be good or shit, but either way with brilliant good-time summer tunes like Set On You, they’re well worth checking out.