This is a review of "The Shipping Forecast" recorded by Grammatics. The review was written by Harry Johns in 2007.

I take it I have to take these guys pretty seriously. They’ve bagged the first track on the new Dance to the Radio compilation and they’ve been popping up at shows loads recently across their hometowns York and Leeds.

Considering the “lad-rock” mentality of most indie-schimdie bands currently, this record immediately sounds refreshing, all epic cello bits and falsettos. Nice to hear a band not afraid to show their sensitive side. Their DIY press-kit (nice) mentions that some reviewer called them a darker version of Arcade Fire, but I reckon they’re a little off the mark. A lot less dramatic, a lot more overtly accessible and perhaps most importantly, beneath all the operatic strings/keyboard devices, both tracks on this CD are simply great pop songs.

They might be the next Forward Russia or Pigeon Detectives, but considering the intelligence and reluctance to fall into the world of specific genres, Grammatics should simply carry on going their own way because it feels great to have a return of good solid pop records like this.