This is an archive of the band profile for Sulphursky.

It was early 2002, and five ambitious young men from Leeds – inspired by their shared passion for well written, well performed music – formed Sulphursky. The band chose its name after recording their first demo; as they finished, an early sunrise turned the Yorkshire skies into an unforgettable display of red and gold. Since then, Sulphursky has built up a reputation in the north of England as one of the most exciting and talented acts to impress crowds time after time.

Forming in Leeds, the band has consistently performed to huge audiences in venues across the country; from London to Manchester to Glasgow. Over four years’ experience on stage and in the studio has given them the tight and unmistakeably professional signature sound that has guaranteed them a faithful following.

The Sulphursky sound has been described as lively, alternative rock – with a few hints of prog in places. The songs themselves are diverse enough to keep their crowds guessing, but are always linked with the common denominator of catchy melodies, heavy riffs, and a high-energy performance that is impossible not to be thrilled by.

Sulphursky’s line up changed in 2003 after their lead singer had unavoidable work commitments, but his vacancy was not available for long. After auditioning several hopefuls, Leeds-born vocalist Craig Shaw fitted the band’s sound perfectly, and Sulphursky were back on the road within the month.

The band’s main musical influences include the Foo Fighters, Incubus, Muse, the Mars Volta, Radiohead, and more. A combination of all these inspirations has allowed Sulphursky to refine their own unique style. Their many faultless live reviews are testimony to this:

“The set oozes a fusion of rock and energy with a hint of funk…”

“Guitarist Dan is amazing to watch… You get the feeling he plays with a passion that some could only imagine.” - Sandman Magazine

“Til The Next Time is pure, dirty funk with a melody that is impossible to forget…” - Exposed

“24/25 was probably the one that stood out for me…the vocals are gruff yet smooth and musically everything falls into place” - Sheffield Star

Sulphursky are a band gathering momentum and excitement with every gig, every recording and every review - with 2007 set to be their finest moment yet. The release of their long-awaited EP Curb-TV is due for spring, while more tour dates have been added for venues around the country. The chance to hear them should always be taken, and the chance to see them should never be missed.

Sulphursky are:

Craig Shaw: Vocals
Kev Stockley: Guitar
Dan Richardson: Guitar
Tim Graham: Bass
Cham: Drums.