This is an archive of the band profile for A Lot Like Eskimos.

A Lot Like Eskimos are a Leeds based band, drawn from Citylife and suburban surroundings of their modern pop culture to create their very own take on modern music.

With a lot of influence from their own personal and musical experiences, they mix elements of pop, punk rock, dance, experimental and many others, to create a belonging soundtrack to love life and death. This belief of boundless music keeps them hard to pigeonhole, with diverse arrangements of orchestral tympanis to trance sirens breaking through in their songs.

A lot Like Eskimos started out in 2007, The original 2 piece setup of acoustic guitars and a drum machines quickly developed into its current form, kicking out a high energy four piece with varied live shows and an explosive live sound assault. From these shows they've began to build a steady fan base from the ground up and have spent many a night with them painting the town red.

In their short time together They've played venues all across the U.K from Aberdeen to London playing where ever they can, to who ever they can, to get their music out to people. They've had the privilege of sharing the stage with bands such as "You Me at 6" and "Electric 6". And have also featured on Radio One's 'Nick Grimshaw show' where they were asked to write and record the shows Radio One jingle.

Keep your eyes and ears open for future radio performances and gigs all over the UK as well as being apart of this years Futuresound!!

"Amityville" a 3 track cd is available to buy from their website, and are currently recording an E.P which they will be releasing later this year.