This is a review of "Part 1" recorded by Authors of Malicious Code. The review was written by Stuart Turner in 2007.

I’ve been listening to this two track CD for the last 24 hours on and off, trying to find something to write about. It’s not that The Authors of Malicious Code are ear splittingly awful, because then this review would be easy. There is the potential for something good to happen all the way through this demo but it just never does.

‘Seed’ begins in an uninspiring fashion, heavy on the guitars and bass. That it’s out and out rock is quite clear from the start. Musically the band aren’t bad, but strained vocals which sound like they were recorded through an empty can do not sit well on top. I can see the garage approach here but it comes off like a poor man’s Julian Casablancas back when he was scared to showcase his voice.

I’m not sure whether it was in production or not but the sound would be much improved with more emphasis on the voice, lyrics are muffled and there is no counterpoint to the distortion on the guitars.

The intro to ‘Ribbons’ promises a metal tinged change of pace, however this doesn’t last long, quickly descending into a surprisingly poppy verse. The dirty guitar comes into its own in the picked chorus melody however once again the band are let down by weak vocals. ‘Ribbons’ seems to be building to a climax of sorts but instead dissolves in a messy breakdown, before angst filled cries and by some disjointed riffs which appears to have been left off another song.

If you like this kind of thing, there’s nothing per say to dislike about AOMC, but I can’t escape the ‘new teenage band’ feeling which grows every time I listen to these songs. The potential for something good to happen on ‘Part 2’ (if that will indeed be the title) is there, but there’s some work to be done.